For Only The Most Serious Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Investors. 

A Business Breakthrough Getaway Unlike Anything Else. The LAST TAB Retreat Retirement Party and Celebration -  September 24 through October 1, 2022, in Moon Palace, Jamaica. 

SEPT 24TH - OCT 1ST, 2022


Join A Hand Selected Group Of The Nation’s 



For A Luxury Business Vacation…

 And We’ll Mastermind How To Create Your Fortune And Leave Your Legacy Despite Today’s World Of Chaos and Uncertainty! 
Be In The Room Where Fortunes Will Be Made.



2022 is the FINAL year of this one-of-a-kind event. Apply Now.…
More importantly, TAB RETREAT 6 will focus on how to shift and profit from the changing marketplace.

If you want a game plan, the knowledge, and the connections to seize the opportunity waiting ahead, then you must join us!

The First TAB Retreat Was Held In 2017.

And since this event has become known as the only of its kind where real estate entrepreneurs and investors gathered to solidify relationships through unique, one-of-a-kind experiences…

…and gain profitable business insights only shared behind tightly closed doors.

Now, more than ever is the time to “Be In The Room” where it all happens.
The next several months be pivotal for entrepreneurs.

Fortunes will be lost.

Fortunes will be made.

Which side of the coin do you want to land?
If you had a crystal ball for the last market crash, would you have prepared differently for the opportunities? Would you have taken advantage of the timing to create wealth?
Right now, we are watching a new economy unfold.

The Market Is Changing Rapidly.




Market Instability

Global health crisis.

Increased interest rates.

Political unrest.

Social unease.
2022 is unlike anything we’ve ever faced.

For Some - This is a time of fear and stress.
Not YOU.
You may recognize the Warren Buffett quote:
Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful."
While we can’t tell the future, there are two things I know that can greatly impact your chances of creating lasting success.

1. The people you know.

2. The right information to make the right moves.

That’s why the TAB RETREAT was created.
And that’s why this LAST TAB RETREAT cannot be missed.
(Please note, because this is the final TAB RETREAT open to the public, demand is high, and there will be a waitlist. Request your invitation now!)
The simple fact you’ve made it to this page tells me you are someone who is ready, willing, and able to not only weather the coming storm - but captain the ship to treasure waiting for you ahead.

Now, more than ever…
All Signs Point To OPPORTUNITY.
Especially for real estate entrepreneurs who are informed, prepared, and well-connected.
And this year - 2022 - the final year TAB RETREAT will be open to the public - you don’t want to miss it.
I’ve asked each speaker to FOCUS on sharing their gameplan for the coming storm. You’ll learn from them what works now and how to prosper and thrive in the months ahead.
Many of us who have been through several market corrections and shifts have been waiting eagerly for what’s to come.
Because we know fortunes and legacies are made in times of recession.
It’s here now.

Are you prepared?

Do you have a game plan?

The TAB RETREAT speakers and attendees do, and they are willing to share it with you.
If you are a:
  • Buy and hold investor
  • Wholesaler
  • Fix and flipper / Rehabber
  • ​Real estate agent
  • ​Into commercial investing of any kind
  • ​Notes / Distressed Paper investor
  • ​Land investor
You will benefit from the TAB RETREAT 6.0
That’s because whatever your focus - your market is going to shift.

And in our time at the TAB RETREAT - you will learn strategies you can implement immediately to profit in the months ahead…

…and create lasting relationships with the right people who can open doors to unknown opportunities waiting for you.

Only The Most Serious and Successful Investors Can And Do Invest The Time and Money To Attend TAB RETREAT.
Surround yourself with only the best.

You’ll be in a room of entrepreneurs are committed to growth and have a track record of success.

You will have direct access to all the speakers, vendors, and attendees.
However, you won’t be stuck in a boring hotel ballroom.
Imagine the relationships you form by the pool, on the catamaran, or enjoying fine dining or drinks by the ocean.

Think of the privileged information shared in private settings, not on some big stage or on a youtube channel for the entire internet.
Your Entire World Can Change For The Better From One Simple Conversation!
TAB RETREAT creates an environment where the strongest personal and professional bonds are made with the most successful entrepreneurs in the real estate business today.

It’s by invitation and application only, so request an interview now.

Here’s What To Expect At 


The RETREAT is September 24 through October 1, 2022,
in Moon Palace, Jamaica. 
From the moment to land in Jamaica - you will be treated like royalty.
Our VIP transportation team will usher you to our luxurious meeting location.

You’ll have world-class accommodations, delicious food, and free-flowing drinks your entire stay
TAB RETREAT is a vacation like no other. If you bring your family, you’ll all have a great time enjoying the amenities of this destination resort, including the spa, rounds of golf, the beach, and tours.
We’ll top off the trip with an exciting Catamaran boat around the beautiful island.
But remember, this is a business trip.
(And entirely tax-deductible. Check with your accountant.)

I’ll personally introduce you to a group of top real estate investors.

Everyone has a focus:

Create powerful relationships, do deals, and support each other to create stronger, more profitable and more fun businesses.
The speaker list has been hand-picked from the nation’s Absolute Best, who will share strategies that work right now.

And they’ll share their insights and game plan to take advantage and profit from the changing market.

You won’t hear endless pitches. (This is a NO-PITCH event.)

This event heavily focuses on creating relationships with the attendees and speakers.

Remember, everyone attending TAB RETREAT room is highly qualified to be there and among the very best at what they do.
All speakers won’t be hiding in their rooms or leaving after their talks.

The speakers are here to connect with you, too!

You’ll rub shoulders with, connect, and build relationships with our speakers and sponsors.

Because the attendee list of the TAB RETREAT is so exclusive, they are here for the same reason.

To connect with YOU.
Here are the


you can expect to meet and hear insights from:











And that’s just the speaker list.

Your fellow attendee list is equally as impressive.

If you haven’t already, and you qualify - plan on being at the TAB RETREAT.
It’s by invitation and application only, so request an interview now.
TAB Retreat 6.0 Featured


Peerless Wealth

Erik Thompson

Specialized Trust Company

Edwin Kelly

Peerless Wealth

Terry Thayer

Champion Passive Income Solutions

Tessa Jelton


Jordan Fleming


Request An


There is an investment to join the TAB RETREAT. It’s comparable to the normal price of a 7-day vacation at Moon Palace.
All of your food, drinks, lodging, transportation to and from the airport, and $1,500 in resort credits are included.
But most importantly, you get access to the training and education only TAB RETREAT delivers.
Note - if money is a constraint for you - this event is NOT for you.

TAB RETREAT is for those with the resources and ability to level up.

This event IS for you if you understand the power of one conversation, one idea, and one relationship and how it can exponentially grow your life and business forever.

Be In The Room Where Fortunes Will Be Made.
Request Your Invitation Now.


Attendance is limited, and we have a solid event cap that we cannot increase because of room availability.
TAB RETREAT is the place where powerful lifetime relationships will be made.
Be In The Room Where Fortunes Will Be Made.
Request Your Invitation Now.
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