Get out of the boardroom & into your board shorts...
grow as an investor & have some fun!

TAB Retreat 5.0 was a BLAST!

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TAB Retreat 5.0 was a BLAST!

Are You Excited for TAB Retreat in 2022?
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"You gotta come the next time we do it..It'll change your life"

Tim Storey - Speaker

"It's an event unlike any other so I recommend you guys do it!"

Ryan Pineda - Speaker

"In about a week, you could shave years and years off of your journey. It makes no sense that anyone would even hesitate, at all, to come to TAB"

Sanji Jain - Greater Philadelphia

"The reason TAB stands out among every other event, every other mastermind, everything else is because of the people it attracts. You're talking about high net worth individuals who are open to sharing everything--full transparency!"

Marlon Johnson - Long Island, NY

"Being able to network with everybody throughout the week and have lunch with the speakers. It’s tough to get a hold of people that are at a higher level and being able to converse with them really helped me"

"I really enjoyed the opportunities to network and really build relationships with all the other investors that came, all while having fun! The catamaran was epic! and the time spent by the pool and at dinners was awesome!"

The most relevant topic was when terry spoke about hiring employees and ethics because I am starting out with building a business and that really gave me more of an insight on the right way of doing things.

Biggest TAB RETREAT Takeaways

 It takes the same exact energy to do a small deal as big deal. Invest your time wisely

 It is all about relationship-ing !!!!

 THINK BIGGER. We can do and be way more than we think is possible.

 It is crucial to network but even more important is having a proper mindset, healthy routine, and a system that allows your business to thrive if you were to subtract yourself from the situation.