Get out of the boardroom & into your board shorts...
grow as an investor & have some fun!
SEPT. 11-18, 2021
Let’s Meet Face-to-Face and Connect With Like Minded Investors and Experts and Grow Your Real Estate Business!
our event is 80% networking and 20% prepared content

In addition to the community and knowledge you’re going to have an amazing time, at a luxury resort, with great people, who want to help you get the most out of your business. For one price you’re getting your room, food at over 30 restaurants, all drinks with more than 60 bars, $1,500 in resort credits for use at the spa, golf course and many other places, access to over 30 pools, and so much more.

WHAT's included...

7 Day All Inclusive Mastermind and Retreat


Expert Training

Four out of the seven days we will be in the conference space doing training with our Speakers for four hours. We'll also be facilitating master minds and breakout sessions with industry experts.


Your Room

A standard king or two queens beautiful
room at the moon palace for 7 nights


Your Food

Eat at one of the amazing restaurants located right inside the resort, or the staff will deliver to you (poolside, room side, pretty much anywhere)!!


Service Provider Discounts

Get direct access to unique service providers at discounted rates (i.e. hard money starting at 7.5%, insurance, accounting, self-directed IRA, web design and more!)


VIP Transportation

Get VIP transportation to and from the airport so you don't have to haggle with a cabbie or worry about where you're going!


Your Drinks

All you can drink beer, liquor or wine!
Get the networking lubrication going


An Excursion

We will be going on a catamaran where the entire group will head somewhere amazing to go snorkeling, enjoy some drinks on the ocean, and do some networking! What happens on the tour... well it ends up on Facebook and your business of course!


Resort Credits

$1,500 in resort credit (can be used for
spa treatments, rounds of golf, tours,
wine tastings, special dinners and other
above-the-ordinary experiences)


VIP Networking

One of the most valuable parts of this experience is the people you meet and the time you have available to network with them at dinner, at the pool, etc. What other event allows you to hang out with the speakers all week?














TAB Retreat is a one of kind event for real estate investors unlike any other that you’ve been to.

Founder, Terry Thayer, has been to hundreds of networking events, conferences, masterminds and more. The one thing that he has found to be true was that the best ideas that truly move the business forward came from the people he networked with.

So an idea was born. He thought...What if there was an event where networking was the main component? He remembered that most events that he attended for 3 days included mostly presenting, and little to no networking opportunities.

So why not have the event be one week long, at an all inclusive luxury resort with group activities, with 80% networking and 20% classroom time?

In addition, this event would bring in speakers that don't sell from stage but instead, they pour into you to move your business forward. They would teach you how to improve your systems, close more deals, and ultimately get you to where you want to go, faster.

So he built it!

Terry combined all of these things into one amazing event and it’s been one of people’s favorite events to attend!

Here’s what you can expect...You’re going to be in a luxury all inclusive resort. This way you don’t need to even think about anything, you can just focus on building relationships, finding the people that are going to help you move the needle, and more importantly having a great time while doing it. In fact we will have one day entirely devoted to a group excursion. And you will have another free day to do what you like; lay by the pool, spend time with your new friends, network with speakers, it's up to you!

Your trip will include everything (except flights) 

Terry is bringing in some high-level speakers to deliver you a ton of value.

In most events, you see the speakers on stage and then... never again. 
The great thing about this event is that the speakers don’t just disappear behind the curtains when they’re done. Instead, they are hanging out and sitting with you over lunch in small groups pool-side for the ENTIRE WEEK! They are there, not only to provide value to you, but also to gain even more knowledge themselves. 

Oh… and did you know that because this is an educational event, it’s can be a full tax write-off?! That’s right! Not only do you get all of this, your accountant can help you apply this write off-to your business!
Want to talk to our team? GREAT! We’ll be happy to answer any questions!


Featured Speaker


Tim will be speaking about Mindset and Motivation

Acclaimed author, speaker and life coach, Tim Storey is well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life. His new book the Miracle Mentality has become a worldwide movement. Quincey Jones call Tim “The voice of inspiration to this generation.”


Ryan will be speaking on how to use social media to scale your business to ways you never imagined.

Ryan Pineda is a former pro baseball player, entrepreneur, and investor. He started in the real estate industry back in 2010 as a Realtor and later began flipping houses in 2015. Since then he has flipped hundreds of homes and built multiple businesses from that success and experience. He owns Pineda Capital (Real Estate Fund), Homerun Offer (House Flipping), Forever Home Realty (Real Estate Brokerage), Future Flipper (Real Estate Education), TrueBooks (CPA Firm), and now Lunar Ecom. Ryan has built a large following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram as well as a top rated podcast called The Ryan Pineda Show. He lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife Mindy and their two kids James and Olivia.


Terry has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was a pre-teen, selling anything he could.In 1997, he opened his first business as a contractor. In 2002, he became a real estate investor and has been in love with the industry ever since. Up until 2021, Terry always did things "the hard way"; that's when he discovered the power of mentorship and financial education. Terry spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaches who taught him the importance of delegation and systems. To this day, he continues to invest sizable amounts of his own money on personal development. Of the many businesses he owns producing millions of dollars annually, he works less than 5 hours a week in total. Not because he's "lazy", but because he is so efficient that any more time spent in the office would be wasteful. Most of his time is spent coaching his team to be better and coaching other entrepreneurs how to avoid the mistakes he's made over the years. His newest focus is building and scaling he E-commerce Automation company. Terry specializes in earning more money in less time, and he's ready to share his secrets with the world.


TessaBelle will be speaking on Becoming THE ONE through social media

Tessabella Jelten is widely acclaimed as a marketing strategist, real estate coach and digital marketing educator in the U.S. today. Her journey began directly out of high school, when she began her journey of real estate investing with no money to her name, sitting at her laptop trying to figure out the best way to acquire properties, raise capital, brand and market them and understand the ins and outs of real estate. Through this process, she successfully built a name for herself in the valley remodeling and restoring historic properties. The entire time, she was documenting the process through social media, and building a brand which later became a residential real estate team partnered with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. Through years of real estate and marketing experience in the field, Tessabella developed a unique approach to building, scaling and branding real estate companies. Through strategic networking, years of hard work and a relentless passion for her work, she’s gone on to work with some of the largest names in the industry to build entire marketing suites, lead generation funnels and commercially recognized brands. Through the years of trial and error, she eventually cracked the code and has since been on a massive growth trajectory helping real estate professionals around the world through her signature success 4S Formula.

• The importance of continuous brand development online for the  longevity of your real estate business
• Create micro virality with each property you acquire
• 3 steps to establishing local celebrity status
• and mastering step #2 of converting the connections you make online


Max will be speaking about Mindset

Max Maxwell is CEO of Venture Atlas, a real estate investment firm in downtown Winston-Salem. After getting his real estate license at the age of 21, Max started at least 12 different businesses with varying degrees of success before building his multi-million dollar real estate company in a two year span by wholesaling and renovating properties. His Facebook group “Wholesaling Houses Elite” has over 100 thousand members. His YouTube channel has surpassed 190 thousand subscribers with 300+ videos teaching people how to make money in real estate with little to no start up capital.In addition to real estate, Max is part owner of a talent agency, a software company and is a private pilot. Max is a first generation American of Jamaican descent who grew up in Winston-Salem graduating from West Forsyth High School in 2002


Scaling your business and Life

Carlos came to the country illegally as a little boy. He was also raised by a single mom. His mom worked 2 jobs both paying $8.25 an hour to raise 3 kids. He later became a US citizen, thanks to his mother’s effort. He then decided to quit a 14 year corporate job in 2015 to pursue the dream of building his own Real Estate investment company. With the help of his partner Sal Shakir, the company has scaled quickly to be a real estate powerhouse consistently producing 6 figures every single month in multiple markets. Carlos now owns another 29 businesses which 10 of them are grossing 7 figures per year. Carlos recently purchased a 1 acre estate in Glendale, Arizona where he, his wife and 2 daughters reside. Carlos and his family are now truly living the American Dream


Khang on Wholesaling real Estate

My Name Is Khang Le, Grew up super shy and insecure. Got bullied hard in high school. Drop out at the age of 17. Meet my lovely wife at the age of 18. I was dead broke, lost, confused and financially stressed out. Moved into a little shed behind a mobile home park and lived there for 5 years cause that’s all we can afford. Long Story short got into real estate at the age of 27 Became a millionaire at 32 through wholesaling Real Estate. Now I’ll share with YOU everything I have learned about Wholesaling Real Estate so that YOU can take it and create your own future and become financially free! LETS GO GET THIS MONEYYY!


Tim Bratz is the CEO and founder of Cleveland-based Legacy Wealth Holdings, a real estate investment company that acquires and transforms distressed apartment buildings into high-yield assets. His current portfolio exceeds 4,800+ units with a valuation of more than $400 million. But for Tim, it’s about more than the money, it’s about making a positive impact. We sat down with him to find out more about his mission to educate and empower others—and to hear about his series of children’s achievement books, Little Legacy Library.


Javier will talk about his transaction from single-family to multifamily

I’m Javier Hinojo Jr. Married for 23 years, 5 kids, been self employed pretty much all my life. I live in Raleigh NC. I am the host of “The Naked Truth” about Real Estate Investing. Went to a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar in November of 2015. Paid my 35k and got some training. Then I started by doing fix and flips of single family homes. We were in Raleigh/Durham, Austin TX, Dollars TX, El Paso TX, and Tampa FL. We would fix and flip over 50 per year and wholesale 80+.Then late 2019, I decided to stop cold turkey and go to commercial real estate. I pretty much let all my staff go and started from scratch. I started to liquidate all my single family homes. Was inducted in the Rich Dad Poor Dad Hall of Fame in 2018. I believe in Podcasts/mentors/coaching. I’m a high school push out and don’t have a college education. Had 32 cents in my account on New Year's day 2017. I almost gave up. Then I asked my kids for their Christmas money so I could pay my rent. By the end of 2019 I closed on my first apartment 63 units outside Charleston. Fast forward about 19 months later I am at 690 units across 7 properties. Stabilized Value 50M.


 I teach those who wanna operate at their Peak Performance how to become Mentally, Physically and Emotionally healthy and strong AF so they can Look, Feel and Show Up in their Biz and Life as their Best Self.

My past life story- I came from a space of addiction, suicidal thoughts and heavy anxiety/ depression. I was 60lbs overweight, low confidence and no support systems in place. I had 2 choices, I was gonna kill myself or I was gonna Live on Purpose, with Purpose. I realized then, that if I wanted to create an EXTRAOrdinary Life I first had to create an EXTRAORDINARY SELF. I had to find the greatness within me in order to extend that greatness into everything else that I chose to do in this lifetime. I began my journey of not fixing anything, but only working on peeling back the layers that were chaining me down from experiencing better things in my business, my relationships and my life as a whole. The story I’ve built out the last 17 years is: I’m an Executive Coach for High End Achievers.


Pace on Creative Finance- Sub 2

Pace Morby is known as the go to "sub to guy" bringing creative strategies to the mainstream real estate investment industry such as subject to and seller finance deals. Pace's high energy and no BS approach has attracted a loyal following across social media including his YouTube, his Facebook group community Creative Financing with Pace Morby, and his successful mentorship at! Students and colleagues boast his expertise in the arena, and he's known for his ability to tell stories and crush closing sellers. Though he began his real estate journey as a general contractor running a successful business and then as a HomeVestors franchise, he and his partner have since amassed over 32 million dollars in buy and hold properties while continuing their full operation of wholesale, fix and flip, and many other symbiotic businesses. Pace is on a mission to over deliver on value, showing others that anyone can start in real estate, be successful, and change their lives and their families' lives for generations.


Master of Cermony

Jacob Reide Jennings uses real estate as a vehicle for social reform to change the conversation surrounding housing insecurity. He supports real estate professionals by showing them how to help their communities and benefit from multiple tax strategies so they can have a return on impact while maximizing their return on investment. Jacob began public speaking at investor conferences in 2017, inspiring new and experienced investors alike with Elite Legacy Education. His entertaining approach encouraged event participants to network in order to scale their businesses. In 2020, Jacob founded the Sherlock’s Homes Foundation, a public 501(c)(3) with a mission to end housing insecurity nationwide. In one year his foundation was able to expand into three states, housing seniors in poverty, transgender persons and reunite 4 disowned youth with families during a global pandemic. Jacob lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his cat, Gia and his dog, Sherlock.
Get out of the LOCKDOWN & into your board shorts...
grow as an investor & have some fun!
MOON PALACE CANCUN, riviera maya!
a 7-day ALL INCLUSIVE REal Estate mastermind and one
Just Relax, or Schedule a Pool- Side Meeting
pool networking
Multiple Pools for Networking, Fun, and Swim Up Bars
full amenities
Fully Stocked Rooms with Room Service, Wifi, Jacuzzi and More...
spacious suites

All Suite Hotel Accomodations
All inclusive Everything!
Golf, Relax, You Choose...

Claim $1,500 in resort credits for use at the spa, golf course and many other places of your choice!

What did last TAB Cancun guests say about us?

Choose your package: PRICING BELOW:

All-Inclusive for 1
All Training Sessions
All-Inclusive Food + Drinks 
Your Room -7 Nights (Standard King, or 2 Queens)
Resort Credits $1500 Value
VIP Airport Transportation


VIP (best VALUE)

All-Inclusive for 2
Everything Included in General Admission plus...
Catamaran Excursion + Networking (Don't Miss This!)
Additional Access to Speakers
Surprise VIP Gift Bag

All-Inclusive for 2
(Only 5 Rooms Available)
Everything from VIP plus...
Private Chef Dinner
Exclusive Diamond Concierge Service
Upgraded Wrist Band
Priority Assignment Ocean View Room



All-Inclusive for 1

All Training Sessions

All-Inclusive Food + Drinks 

Your Room -7 Nights (Standard King, or 2 Queens)

Resort Credits $1500 Value

VIP Airport Transportation



All-Inclusive for 2

All Training Sessions

All-Inclusive Food + Drinks 

Your Room -7 Nights (Standard King, or 2 Queens)

Resort Credits $1500 Value

VIP Airport Transportation


What does the price include?

Pricing includes 1- 2 adults and up to 2 children under the age of 18 years old. This will include all food, beverages, transportation to and from the airport, a boat excursion on September 12, and the full day of events. Also you will have access to the speakers and VIPs throughout your entire stay with plenty of opportunity for networking. This alone is priceless!
Can I book a room with a friend and split the cost?

Yes! In fact this is encouraged. If you are booking for you and a friend the cost is the same. You are not charged for 2 singles. When booking we will need both of the attendees information and bed specification. Hence if it is you and your friend and you would like 2 queen beds instead of 1 king please let us know! 
Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your family as lots of others bring their children as well. Up to two children are free. 
Does the resort include child care?

The resort does have a child care facility. They are open from 9am-7pm. However, if you do have teenage children the resort is gated and very safe for them to hangout at resort amenities. 
Is transportation provided from the airport?

Transportation is provided to and from airport to resort. The resort representative with the hotel will receive all of your flight information from us and know when and where to pick you up-we want this to be stress free for you.
Flight information must be provided 30 days before arrival in order for proper coordination for pick up. 
How many people can fit in each room?

The standard room price is for 2 adults and up to 2 children.
For an additional fee rooms can host up to 2 adults and 4 children
What are the COVID requirements for travel to Cancun, Mexico?

As it stands now there are no required vaccinations or COVID-19 tests to get into Mexico. However, there is a negative required test to come back into the country. The resort will schedule and arrange all of that for you based on arrival and departure. 
What happens if I contract COVID while at the event?

If you contract and test positive while at the resort you would be put in a room and self quarantined for up to 14 days. This would be covered by the resort.
Of course, but I hope you don't need it! However, if you're not happy with the purchase, simply request a refund within 30 days of purchasing and we will take care of that for you. - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy & Terms of Use | Contact Us
And more!
lock in your early bird pricing now. rates go up on april xx